The stigma around epilepsy can be overcome one step at a time: Angelini Pharma took almost 7 million steps

Ap23 G 1440 50Milsteps
  • Published: 13 Φεβ 2023

Almost 7 million steps were collected by all the people at Angelini Pharma together with colleagues from the Angelini Industries in support of people with epilepsy, far exceeding the target of 1 million steps the company had initially set. Angelini Pharma has enthusiastically joined the #50MillionSteps campaign, an international epilepsy awareness initiative promoted by the International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE) to raise awareness on the stigma that still surrounds this condition and those living with it.

Today, on the occasion of the International Epilepsy Day, Angelini Pharma amplifies IBE’s raising awareness commitment by sharing videos of steps taken and donated to the campaign.

Below are some of the videos collected, with the steps of our people who took part in the #50MillionSteps initiative, including those of Jacopo Andreose, CEO of Angelini Pharma, Daniela Poggio, Global Communication Executive Director, and Serena Zucchetta, General Manager CH & Ontozry launch Executive Director.

Angelini Pharma together with Angelini Industries Group is at the forefront of overcoming prejudices and supporting people with epilepsy and their caregivers, improving their quality of life.


#50MillionSteps - The steps of Angelini Pharma's people